New Fun Project


Ok. I've been trying to get myself back in the Unity 3d game development mood, so I decided to start on a fun project.  It's a basic Space Invaders type game with just primitives for now. Had planned to do it over the holiday, but life happened.  Here is the start of it. 

Structs vs Classes

I went to lunch with a former co-worker the other day and we got into a conversation about structs vs classes. I have to admit, it has been a while since I looked into them, and I can't really remember the last time I used a struct outside of C++.  I decided to look them back up, and it seems my knowledge on the subject is a bit dated. I knew one main difference was that classes were reference types while structs were values types, but I had no idea that structs could also contain methods.  Here is a quick run down of the two types.


  • Value Type
  • Stored on Heap
  • Does not supports Inheritance
  • Cannot have null reference unless set as Nullable
  • Less memory overhead
  • Supports Interfaces
  • Can contain Methods and Events


  • Reference Type
  • Stored on Stack
  • Supports Inheritance
  • Can be set to Null
  • Larger memory overhead
  • Supports Interfaces
  • Can contain Methods and Events


I think this list about sum it all up, but the main difference seems to be that one is a value type while the other is a reference type.


Book Review: Masters of Doom

Let me start by saying, no, this is not a new book. It was published in 2003. If you haven't heard of it and grew up playing video games in he 80's then you should read this book. That being said, I am currently listening to it on my phone from This book tells the rue life story of ID Software, it's founders John D. Camack, John Romero and their influence on the video game industry. A lot of what is in the early parts of the book, feels like it is describing myself and my friends at the time. Unfortunately, I didn't go on to revolutionize what video were and what they are today. These two guys did.  After all, they did create Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and Quake and single handedly, created the whole FPS (first person shooter) genre.

And as an added bonus, if you listen to the version of the book, you will hear the book read by Wil Wheaton of Star Trek fame.


SQL Management Studio Dark Theme

I don't know if previous versions of SQL Management Studio supports the dark theme, but 2016 and version 17 support it just fine.  In order to get the dark theme like visual studio, you have to edit the following file. You will need to run your text editor as administrator in order for this to work.

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\140\Tools\Binn\ManagementStudio\ssms.pkundef

Once you have the file open, do a search on Remove Dark theme.

Now proceed to comment out all the lines in this section and save the file. If you are unable to save, you didn't run your editor in admin mode.

Once you have the file edited. Open SSMS and navigate to Tools -> Options -> Environment -> Color theme and select Dark.



You should now have SSMS using a dark theme...