Silverlight 3 Controls - Vectorlight

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If you are looking for some nice controls for your next Silverlight 3 application, then make sure and stop by VectorLight.Net.  These controls seem to be very light weight and stable, and best of all, they are currently free.  A Live Demo of the controls can be found here.

The list of current offerings include:

  • Color Selector
  • Dropdown
  • Fieldset
  • File upload
  • ItemViewer
  • Magnifier
  • Main Menu
  • Menu ( popup )
  • Popup Bubble
  • Popup Dialog
  • Popup MessageBox
  • Progress Bar
  • Rich TextBlock
  • Rich TextBox
  • Roller Blind
  • Scroller
  • Spell Checker
  • Table
  • TextBlock Plus
  • Text Rotator Blind
  • Tree View
  • Viewer


RIA Services May 2009 Preview

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Two months after it’s initial release, Microsoft has updated it’s RIA services. 

.NET RIA Services May 2009 Preview

Today we posted a minor update to .NET RIA Services.  This release is mainly focused on addressing bug fixes we have heard in the forums and delivering on a few key areas… There are a lot of other long lead work items that will fall into future releases. 

Download it today from:

Here is a list of what is available in the May 2009 Preview:-

  1. Tons of bug fixes. Most of the bugs reported in the forum have been addressed.
  2. New Business application Template… This template adds login\create new user to the Silverlight Navigation Application template.



  3. Authentication Sample
  4. XML Metadata provider Sample…  We have heard very clearly that folks want an option to store validation metadata outside of custom attributes.  This sample shows how to find metadata in an Xml file, but you could easily extend to find validation information from a database.
  5. Linq2Sql Domain Provider Sample..  Out of the box we support POCO (plan old CLR object), Linq2Sql and Entity Framework, but we know folks are actively looking into building support for nHibernate, Sharepoint, etc.   This is a great sample that shows you the ends and outs of writing a provider.  It is the actual product code we use for the Linq2Sql provider (plus a little clean up).
  6. Updated asp:DomainDataSource that works great with asp Dynamic Data

All the samples (March 2009 and May 2009) can be found at

What is New in Microsoft Silverlight 3

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